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A summer oasis in the city

When the sun shines and city life becomes more vibrant during the warm months, Hillenberg emerges as one of the top destinations for those seeking an enjoyable outdoor dining and drinking experience. Located on Humlegårdsgatan, our outdoor seating offers a unique combination of lush greenery and urban atmosphere, attracting both locals and tourists to a relaxing moment in the heart of the city.

With outdoor seating open for lunch, wine, drinks, and dinners, Hillenberg has become a gathering point for food enthusiasts and pleasure seekers. We also welcome drop-in visits, which encourages spontaneous visits. It is this accessibility and relaxed atmosphere that creates a sense of community and freedom among guests.
The culinary experience at Hillenberg is something out of the ordinary, especially with the new menu signed by none other than our restaurateur Niklas Ekstedt. Known for his passion for Nordic flavors and techniques, Niklas has introduced a menu that not only reflects the best seasonal ingredients but also offers an innovative twist on classic dishes. This menu is perfectly complemented by the new summery cocktail list, which is as fresh and inspiring.

One of the outstanding examples from the cocktail menu is “Cucumber/Verbena” with Beefeater, cucumber, and lemon verbena. This drink, both refreshing and flavorful, has quickly become a favorite among Hillenberg’s guests. Its subtle balance of sweetness and acidity, along with the aromatic touch of lemon verbena, is perfect for a warm summer evening.
Our outdoor seating is not just a place for food and drink, but also a stage for social interaction. Here, conversations and laughter mix with the sound of clinking glasses and the background noise of the city. This dynamic atmosphere contributes to a lively and inviting environment, where each visit feels unique and memorable.

Even the design and decor of the outdoor seating deserve mention. With cleverly placed green elements and comfortable seating options, we at Hillenberg have created an oasis that feels both modern and timeless. It is a place where you can escape the city noise for a while and lose yourself in a world of good food and drink.

In summary, Hillenberg with our outdoor seating on Humlegårdsgatan is more than just a restaurant; it is a destination. With Niklas Ekstedt’s creative menu, a tempting cocktail list, and an inviting environment, it is clear that Hillenberg’s outdoor seating will continue to be one of the highlights of the summer in the city. For those seeking a place that combines quality, flavor, and a fantastic atmosphere, a visit to us is a must during the summer season.

Hillenbergs somriga uteservering