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Late nights at Humlegårdsgatan

Hillenberg in Stockholm is the place to be for an evening filled with Southern European flavors mixed with Scandinavian influences. Located in the heart of Östermalm on Humlegårdsgatan, the restaurant is an elegant choice for both locals and visitors looking to enjoy high-quality food and drinks in a welcoming environment.
Hillenberg offers a menu that combines the best of Southern European classics with a Swedish touch. Under the leadership of renowned chef Niklas Ekstedt, guests can expect dishes that are not only flavorful but also beautifully presented.

The menu varies from season to season but often includes creative interpretations of local ingredients. Among the dishes, you will find appetizers such as Toast Skagen and Steak Tartare, as well as main courses like Hillenberg’s famous Truffle Pasta. The menu also features grilled dishes; order the cut of meat that tempts you along with sides to share with your party. There are also plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans.
Hillenberg is also known for its impressive selection of wines, which is the result of a close collaboration with Ekstedt’s wine café, Tyge & Sessil. In addition to wine, the restaurant also offers a wide range of cocktails and other spirits. If you visit before heading out to other nightlife activities in Stockholm, a cocktail or a glass of sparkling wine from Hillenberg can be the perfect way to start the evening.

The restaurant’s location in Östermalm, just a stone’s throw from Stureplan, makes it an excellent place to start a night out. The decor is modern and stylish with a homey atmosphere that creates a relaxed yet sophisticated feel. It is perfect for everything from a casual dinner to a more festive drink. Hillenberg’s late hours on Fridays and Saturdays (until 01:00) also make it practical for those who want to continue their night out in the city after dinner.

If you plan an evening at Hillenberg, remember to book a table in advance, especially on weekends when demand can be high. The restaurant is not just a place for good food and drinks but also an experience that combines quality ingredients with exceptional service and a welcoming atmosphere.
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